How important is having good content on your website? Content is crucial! Search engines examine the content of your web pages to determine the subject of your website. Your content is reviewed to make sure it is unique and not copied from another website. Most search engines drop your rankings if they find you’ve duplicated the web page of another site. Google will ban you from appearing in their search engine if they find that you’ve duplicated content from another website.

How often you add new and unique content to your website is an indicator of how dedicated your website is to the content subject. Consistently adding new content about the same subject keeps your site visitors interested and encourages them to return to see the new content.

Why is content so important? Content is the reason that most people visit a website. When people are looking for specific information or a product/service they usually use a search engine to find what they’re looking for. The search engines list the best websites for the keyword search. How do the search engines know which site is best? They know because they’ve visited millions of websites, analyzed the web page content and determined which pages have the most content relevant to the keyword search. For example, if website A has 3 pages of unique content about baseball and website B has 10 pages of unique content about baseball it is likely that website B will be listed first when someone searches for a baseball related keywords. The number of content pages are not the only factor considered when ranking websites. It is, however, a primary factor that can not be ignored if you’re interested in top search engine rankings.

What if I’m not a writer or I don’t have time to write? You need a content writing service. You need a place where you can get completely unique content that has been researched and related to the subject of your website. If you’re selling cars you need content about cars not about farming.

Our content writing services are geared toward the total success of your website. We offer two types of content – web page content and blog article content.

Web Page Content

To create web page content we interview you to find out the subject of your website, types of products or services you sell and we’ll incorporate any of your existing content if desired. After we’ve received your information we research the subject and write your web page content in a professional manner.

Blog Article Content

Blog article content is geared to invoke discussion or a response from your website visitors. Blog article content is started  by you giving us the subject to write about. We research the subject and create an article that provides information or expresses an opinion about the subject. Our articles invite your site visitors to express their opinion by leaving comments on your site.

When visitors leave comments on your website it is a good indicator that they will return to the site to see the comments posted by others. The comments are content updates related to your website subject. Visitors returning to your site frequently and adding content to your site are both indicators of website popularity – another important factor in search engine rankings.

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