Secure Custom Programming

The Big Deal About Secure Programming

1. Once You’ve Been Hacked Everything Is At Risk

Once a hacker finds any way to exploit your website he can use that exploit to damage your entire site, deface your site, send your site visitors to a porn site or quietly steal data about your customers which can lead to identity theft. This is the very reason that credit card numbers, expiration dates and credit card security codes should never be stored on a web server. If it can be proven that identity theft occurred because you stored the wrong information and the information was stolen from your website – you can be liable for any damages that occur to the consumer.

2. An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth 10 Pounds of Cure

The time it takes to implement web security is far less than the efforts required to fix a hack then secure the website. This is true because once you’ve lost the trust of your visitors there may be no amount of web security that can get them back. People are paranoid about identity theft or exposure of there personal information. Some will accept your apologies – some will never visit again and will warn everyone they know not to visit your site. This is true with the major search engines and private monitoring companies like Norton Safe Web. Once they’re notified that there is a security risk at your website, the search engines will ban your site from their search results and Norton Safe Web will flash a warning to every visitor that tries to access your website while using Norton Safe Web in their browser.

3. Your Online Reputation Is More Valuable Than You Think

In today’s economy most companies can not afford to lose or throw away sales. Millions of people shop online everyday and the only thing they may know about you or your services is what they see at your website. If your website screams “I can’t be trusted” because a hacker has had access to your server then all of your investment can be thrown away by someone that thinks hacking is a joke.


Custom Programming for Maximum Security

Our custom programming services are far and above the rest! We focus on security as well as functionality. So, not only will your website work as you request but it will be secure from 99% of the known website hacking tactics.

Here are some important questions to consider about custom programming:

Q. Do I need custom programming?

A. You need custom programming if there is no reliable source for pre-built software that will fulfill your needs.  For instance, if you want to start an auction website you don’t need to spend the tens of thousands of dollars that would be required to create a fully featured auction site from scratch.  You would only need to purchase our pre-built auction software package to create a fully featured auction website in a fraction of the time that would be required to create the programming from scratch.

If your programming requirements are unique or you want to customize a pre-built software package then you will need custom programming.

Q. How important is it to secure data?

A. Secure data should be the primary concern of every internet vendor that processes customer information. Creating a profitable website takes a lot of time, money and effort. You don’t want to throw all of that away because you’ve gotten a bad reputation for leaking customer information. The security of your data rests on the shoulders of the programmers that create the software. If the programmers are uninformed about data security then it is very likely that your site will be hacked especially if it is popular.

Q. What technologies are used to create my website?

A. The most common technologies for creating a website are PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML. You will want your site created using these technologies so that you will have many resources available to you when you want to change or update the site.

Q. Is the structure of the custom programming important?

A. Programming structure is important to the server when server load and response times are considered. Programming structure is especially important if you plan to distribute the software or reuse parts of the software. Professional PHP programmers use an object oriented approach to programming. This allows for reuse of the code and lessens the impact on the server especially during high traffic times.

Q. What is the best way to get my custom programming project started?

A. Give careful consideration to the needs of your website.  Make a detailed list of all of the functions that will be performed at your site. Itemize the types of users that will use your site and exactly what you want them to be able to do at your site. If you know of sites similar to your goals then use the features found at those sites as the basis for your website.

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