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by Shannon Falter on
Excellent Skills

It has been a breath of fresh air to work with someone as professional and skilled as Kim. She developed a MySQL database and PHP web files for our web site and I never had to worry about a thing. She really knows her stuff, and places a strong emphasis on security that you don't get with other developers.

by Ed Delaney on
Excellent Service

Kim created the database and wrote the program that runs District 5230's She built a tight security system into the site. Several items, that are very useful, were built into the program and she did not charge us for them. Kim is knowledgable in all aspects of web related projects. Naturally I highly recommend her.

by John Clark on
Opened My Mind

When Kim was working on our project messageAMP she completely opened our team's mind to new vulnerabilities we didn't even think of. As founder/head of product I consider myself fairly technical but when Kim came onto our project to evaluate our image uploading, server and other major pain-points (can't disclose the best stuff, sorry)- I felt like a "newb" as they say in IRC chat rooms. Kim is well versed and exquisitely trained by the best on web application programming/security. I will absolutely have her looking over my next projects in the near future. I highly recommend you contact her if you want to take your web business to the next level.