Project Description: Website that allows real estate professionals to create accurate home repair or replacement cost estimates.  Online system interfaces with the client’s property information web service.

Front End

Visitors can register to become members. Members submit a property address and the web service accesses all detailed information about the property including square footage, number of rooms, lot size, kitchen size, amenities and a lot more.

Member uses the website to create cost estimates and reports for any part of a home with a U. S. address. Members can calculate today’s cost, including labor, to replace an entire home or just one room in the home.


Back End

Members can edit contact and billing information, purchase service, redeem coupons, see usage and invoice history.

Admin can manage junior admins, clients, service fees, package fees, coupons and client credits. Junior admins can create reports and estimates for clients, edit client credits and assign coupons to their clients.

Since this software is used to create estimates for federally insured loans, it has been reviewed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. We are pleased to announce that our software received 9 out of 10 possible points upon first review by HUD and was approved for federal use.

Project Description: Create a member directory for Rotary Club members.

Front End

Visitors search for Rotary Club members from the home page. Search can be based on zip code and mile radius and/or  keywords. Search results display member business data with a link to the member’s optional bonus page. Members with a bonus page are able to give site visitors details about their business including an image and printable coupon.

Rotary Club members can purchase a directory listing and bonus page.


Back End

Members can manage their directory listing, keywords that describe their service or business, change their password, upgrade from a basic to a bonus account and renew their listing.

Site administrator can manage junior administrators, member data, member permissions and site email text.

Project Description: Troubleshoot and modify a revenue recovery program in the accounting department.

The program scanned a database of package dimensions and the fees collected for shipping of the packages. If a customer was under-charged for the shipment, based on package dimensions, then the additional balance due would be added to the customer’s monthly account statement.

Project Description: is one of the leaders in content filtering software with servers all around the world. Their products are utilized by many school districts. Responsible for creating the following:

  • Order processing programs
  • Program to assign customer to the server with the fastest response time
  • Live credit credit card processing program
  • Reseller management system
  • Server update program
  • GUI to manage database of IP addresses
  • GUI to allow users to select their desired server
  • Utility to check filtering software against undesired words
  • Utility to compare filtering software to competitor’s filtering software

Project Description: specializes in matching medical professionals to careers in the medical industry.

Employer Functions

  • Post jobs with all fields required for medical profession
  • Add, edit, delete personal information
  • Search for medical professionals
  • Ability to save searches
  • Ability to perform quick searches based on all posted jobs or geographic location or type of license held by professional
  • Email alerts when a professional is added that matches an employer’s saved search

Employee Functions

  • Employee can add, edit and delete personal information
  • Add, edit, delete multiple professional profiles
  • Search for jobs based on multiple criteria with filter options
  • Save searches and perform quick searches based on state license, preferred geographic location
  • Search jobs that match all profiles with one click
  • Email alerts when a job is added that matches saved searches

Admin Functions

  • Controls specialties and professions listed on the site
  • Complete management of employer and employee data, jobs and profiles
  • Upload documents to be viewed/downloaded by all parties
  • View payments received

theboaterswave.comProject Description: is a business listing site associated with boating and fishing.

Site visitors can pay to have their business listed on the site.

Listings are displayed via vertical javascript scroll on the home page.

Searches can be performed by category, zip and radius.

For this site we implemented pre-built software packages with custom programming. Anglers and boaters can upload their pictures to the monthly best picture contest. All submissions can be viewed.

Administrator can add, edit, delete, list, approve and deny all business listings.

Admin selects monthly contest winners and controls which pictures are displayed on the home page.

savingkilowatts.comProject Description: Member management site that allows administrator to add, view, list, edit and delete members.

Administrator can add, view, delete, upload and download documents.

Ability to add, view and list videos.

Members can view videos, list documents, view and download documents.