Project Description: provides pharmaceutical solutions to hospitals.

Administrator controls pharmaceutical tests and associated questions. Creates member profiles and controls access to testing area.

Administrator can upload documents related to one member or all members; documents can be uploaded for client review also.

Member logs in to select a test to take. Test can be saved to be completed later. Grading is performed immediately after test completion and score is shown to member.

Member controls their profile data and can upload their picture.

Clients access the site to search for qualified pharmacists. They are able to list or search for pharmacists, view their profile including test scores and documents uploaded by the administrator.

usaloads.comProject Description: Trucking load board site created to match shippers with truckers.

Shippers add all data related to loads that need to be delivered. Shipper can add one load at a time or multiple loads at once. Loads can be added via csv upload. Shipper manages company data including logo.

Truckers register and pay a monthly recurring fee. They can search for loads and use contact forms to contact shipper about transporting load.

Searches can be performed on origin city/state, destination city/state, zip and radius.

Site administrator can add, edit, view, list, delete shippers, truckers and loads. Admin can edit monthly recurring fee.

medallionhonorsociety.comProject Description: Honor society membership management system.

Site visitors can register for membership and pay required dues.

Members can view university chapters list and article archives. Articles can be searched by keyword or tag. Members can view and download articles.

Administrator can add, edit and delete chapters. Articles can be added in administrative area or uploaded in pdf or doc format. Sponsor management with add, edit, delete capabilities of sponsor logos. Registration fee can be edited. Ability to add, edit, delete, view, list, activate and suspend members.

trucksalvageconnection.comProject Description:This site is a truck salvage auction site created for the insurance industry.

Front End

  • Buyer and seller registration processes
  • Live credit card processing via QuickBooks merchant services
  • Auction data posting with picture upload – pictures automatically formatted with ImageMagick
  • Search and browse selection functions
  • Bid placement with high bid notification
  • Closed auctions listing displaying winning bid
  • Automatic auction closings with bid results e-mailed to admin, buyer, seller and insurance adjuster
  • Buyer’s center to allow bidding, accept auction fees, view and/or e-mail award documentation, manage billing data, change password and view auction history
  • Seller’s center to allow posting of salvage to auction, view auction closing results, manage billing data and change password
  • Auction award center for insurance companies and/or adjuster to award salvage which would generate HTML e-mail notifications to all parties
  • Detailed visitor tracking – every system accessed is logged in database

Back End

  • Admin center with system summaries of auctions, visitors, referrals and auction values
  • Database GUI for entry of insurance company data including branches, accounts payable department and adjusters
  • Buyer and seller status management (i.e. Pending, Active, Suspended)
  • Bid edit and tracking
  • Picture upload and manipulation with ImageMagick
  • Auction status view and management (i.e. Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled, Suspended)
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Billing functions to create and track invoices and credits
  • Customer data, billing and credits downloaded to QuickBooks via QuickBooks web connector. Download starts automatically when QuickBooks is opened in customers’ office.

truckersmath.comProject Description:This project was to create calculators and utilities to aid truckers in their daily activities.Subscription to service is paid via credit card with immediate access to online services.

Created a truck rate calculator. Calculator accepts all data related to transporting a load and advises transporter of potential profit or lack thereof. Also suggests a profitable rate to the transporter.

Created invoice factoring calculator. This calculator allows the transporter to enter all fees related to factoring an invoice and returns the net profit on invoice.

Created fuel finder. This program uses transporters current location, desired travel radius and brand of fuel. It locates the cheapest fuel within the desired radius and links to Google maps.