WordPress Training

Need quick information on how to use WordPress? We will teach you everything you need to know to effectively manage your WordPress site. Our WordPress specialist will teach you the following:

  • Create posts and pages
  • Add media to your site
  • Create categories and tags
  • Add and display links
  • Comment management
  • How to find and add plugins
  • Link management
  • How to change the look or theme

Training is performed online with screen and voice share. You will be able to see exactly how we do things by viewing our computer monitor during the training.

Price: $129

Premium WordPress Installation

So you want to have the latest and greatest software run your website. You’ve found out that a good content management system like WordPress can make managing your website infinitely easier than traditional methods. Feeling a little apprehensive about the time and knowledge required just to get started? Let us help.

We’ll install the most recent stable version of WordPress plus 10 plugins to help you get your website started.

There are thousands of plugins available that add programming to your website in an instant. We’ll install up to 10 plugins that are most suitable to the needs of your website. You let us know the type of website you’re creating and the type of information you want to share or collect and we’ll install the plugins that will achieve your goals.

Price: $149

WordPress Upgrade

Keeping your WordPress installation and its plugins up to date is crucial. When a new virus or hack method is found the WordPress developers fix the problem by creating a new version. If your files are not updated regularly then your valuable content is at risk!

We’ll make sure your WordPress files and plugins (up to 15) are upgraded to their most recent versions.  There’s no need to worry about potential upgrading problems, what to do if you get an error message or reading endless instruction manuals. We’ll do the work for you and alleviate the headache and worries.

Price: $199