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21st golden anniversary

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Should you use pre-built software?

I’m selling a product, service or download on the internet

I will accept payment then send or provide the purchased item

I’ve seen the software I need running on other websites


Website Design with Premium WordPress CMS

If you’re selling a product, service or download on the web this is probably the solution for you. You need a system that performs standard shopping functions and is secure. There are many shopping carts that can meet your needs. The problem is knowing which one can meet all of your needs while being cost efficient. Our decades of experience has allowed us to test most e-commerce platforms available today. We have found the WordPress content management system to be the best solution for the majority of e-commerce web sites. Click here for more information on WordPress.

Do you need custom programming?

I’m selling subscriptions to software that is an online service

My product or service must exist online and is mostly unique

My programming requires experience and bank level security


Website Design with Custom Programming

Custom programming guarantees that your website is built to your exact specifications. This is the solution for companies selling software as a service. The programming is the service being sold and usually includes its own shopping cart to process sales. For example, if you want a web site that helps truckers calculate the cost of transporting a load then you’ll need custom programming. You would need custom programming to perform the calculations as well as process the payment to use the service. Click here for more information about website design with custom programming.

WordPress CMS

WordPress Hosting

Our premium WordPress hosting plans include everything you need to create a professional website.

web hosting

Web Hosting

99.9% uptime guarantee, every popular website service and instant setup are all features of our web hosting service.

custom programming image

Custom Programming

Custom PHP programming is the vehicle that will bring your ideas to the web. If you can think it up we can program it.

Secure PHP programming image

Secure PHP Programming

Todays internet requires that programming is secure. We have more than 20 years experience creating secure websites that have been tested by various agencies.

21st golden anniversary

21 Years In Business

We’re happy to announce that we’re celebrating our 21st year in business! Our two decades of experience has allowed us to create a very large code base. Our large code base gives us the ability to decrease development time by up to 50% which saves time and money.

Many business ideas

Website Development Brings Your Website To Life

We understand that you have many ideas for your website and we’re glad to bring them to life. Creating your website starts with an accurate description of what your site should do. You’ll need to identify what the programming should do for each type of visitor to your site. Learn More.

If you already have a clear idea of what each site particpant will do, then you’re ready to request a custom PHP programming quote.

Secure Website Development Protects Data

Your website has to be beautiful as well as secure. Hackers spend a lot of time looking for weeknesses on a site. Often, when a weekness is found they share that information with other hackers. Weeknesses can be found in the forms on your site as well as with the server. This is where website development and php programming knowledge is essential.

There are many steps needed to secure a website. There is no simple fix or one button click to secure a website. There are many different tactics to use. We secure sites with standard security all the way up to bank level security, depending on your request.

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