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Back End Programming

Do your customers need to be able to modify their information? Share your website data with customers and staff.  Do you need to see sales reports,  customer details and other data? We can update your website with our secure code in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

WordPress Premium Installs

WordPress is the most user friendly content management system available for free. Our installs include mature plugins that handle website requirements such as blocking hackers, performing backups and keeping up with social media.

Custom PHP Programming

Our custom programming services are secure and cost efficient. We’ve been programming on the internet for the past 20 years. We’ve developed a large code base that saves time and money for ourselves and our customers.

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We’ve been programming on the internet for more than 20 years and have created many websites, including websites approved by the U. S. government. As a result, we have an extensive library of PHP code that can be used to create new programming quickly. All of our code includes security functions for secure data processing.

Normal usage of the back end would be to allow customers to update their data, make additional purchases, view reports or historical sales data and get customer support. Management usually has various listings related to customers, inventory and sales reports displayed on the back end. The website administrator will use the back end more often than most. They are concerned with exception reports, error reports and all the data necessary to keep the site running smoothly.

Listed below are several of our most popular website development requests. This is custom php programming that we modify to your specifications to work with your website. All programming and database tables will reside on your web server. If you are starting a new website or don’t have existing database tables then we will create the tables necessary for our programming.

signup form programming

Sign Up/Registration

Allow website visitors to post information to your website.

ecommerce payment page

Payment Page

Allow website visitors to buy products, services or make payments.

picture of reports


Create reports for website members, administrators and visitors.

log in log out programming

Log In / Log Out

Add log in and log out functionality for admins and members.

customer service center

Customer Service Center

Maintain client information and share information with your clients.

ecommerce payment system written in PHP

Payment Center

Visitors can purchase products, services or make payments on account.

Custom PHP Programming
PHP is the most popular programming language on the internet. It has been our primary programming language for the past 14 years. PHP reduces coding time due to the way the language is structured thus the reason for its popularity. We use object oriented programming (OOP) which further reduces coding time because of the reusability of objects. We code in the model/view/controller (MVC) style. This is the most popular style of programming because every programmer that understands MVC, understands the structure of your programming without seeing it. MVC requires files to be stored in a certain order so that the programmer never has to guess where to find a file. When a programmer understands the structure of your programming then they know where to go to make specific changes. PHP, OOP and MVC guarantee that you’ll never experience a shortage when you need to find a programmer.
Premium WordPress Installs

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’re big on security around here. Everything we code or install has some level of security which is based on the intended use of the software. It just doesn’t make sense to create a site without security on today’s internet.

Our WordPress installs are designed for professionals that want to save time setting up their site. We do the grunt work of setting up your website. We install the content management software, WordPress, as well as stable plugins that’ll suppport all the functions of a secure, professional website.

With more than twi decades of internet programming experience, we have identified the core requirements for a professinal website. For most websites these requirements can be fufilled by WordPress. The WordPress content management system is the most flexible website builder on the internet.

We’ve identified the best plugins that fufill the requirements of a well developed ecommerce website.