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Website Development: How To Define A Website

Defining a website is a required step for website development. An accurate website definition will help you to obtain an accurate website development quote. There are a lot of little details that can be forgotten even though they’re required for your site. Sometimes its easier to look at a site similar to what you want to help you identify desired website features.

First, you will need to identify the types of users you expect to receive. You can expect to have visitors, customers or members and an administrator. Sometimes there are more parties to consider but this is usually the miminum. If you have more visitors to describe, please feel free to add them and descriptions of what they’ll be able to do on your website. You also need to describe each function available to each type of visitor.

Below is an example of how to define a website.  We begin with an overall description of the website called the website summary. Next, we create a bolded section for each type of visitor. In each section we will identify what that visitor will be able to do at your website.

website development image

Website Summary

Truckersmath.com will provide trucking calculators and programming for the American trucking industry. The site will use WordPress as a CMS that will manage all information pages. Custom programming will provide the accounting/collection functions.

There will be 10 pages with screen shots and information about the software, two information pages about the truck rate calculator, a contact us page and a log in link that allows access to the custom programming. There will be a pricing page that allows the visitor to select a subscription and become a member.

Website Visitor

Site visitors will be able to read detailed information about the trucking calculators as well as information about the accounting software for truckers. A website visitor can use the free version of the truck rate calculator to decide if they like it. A visitor can purchase a subscription to become a member.

Website Member

A site member can calculate the cost to transport a load with the truck rate calculator.

Calculations can be used to create a quote or an invoice.

Quotes and invoices can have follow up dates attached to them so that the member will be reminded to contact their customer at a later date and time. A PDF version of the quote or invoice can be attached to the email notifying the customer about the new quote or invoice.

Members can list, add, edit, view and delete their customers. Members can search for their customers.

Members can list, add, edit, view, view PDF, email and delete quotes. Quotes can be converted to invoices.

Members can list, add, edit, view, view PDF, email and delete invoices.

Members can upload their logo for use on quotes, invoices and emails.

Members can edit payment card on file and billing frequency.

Website Administrator

Administrator can list, add, edit, view, suspend, unsuspend members.

Administrator can view payments received, payments due and payments past due.

Administrator can process member payments.