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Project Description: FullServiceMD.com specializes in matching medical professionals to careers in the medical industry.

Employer Functions

  • Post jobs with all fields required for medical profession
  • Add, edit, delete personal information
  • Search for medical professionals
  • Ability to save searches
  • Ability to perform quick searches based on all posted jobs or geographic location or type of license held by professional
  • Email alerts when a professional is added that matches an employer’s saved search

Employee Functions

  • Employee can add, edit and delete personal information
  • Add, edit, delete multiple professional profiles
  • Search for jobs based on multiple criteria with filter options
  • Save searches and perform quick searches based on state license, preferred geographic location
  • Search jobs that match all profiles with one click
  • Email alerts when a job is added that matches saved searches

Admin Functions

  • Controls specialties and professions listed on the site
  • Complete management of employer and employee data, jobs and profiles
  • Upload documents to be viewed/downloaded by all parties
  • View payments received