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Project Description: Create a member directory for Rotary Club members.

Front End

Visitors search for Rotary Club members from the home page. Search can be based on zip code and mile radius and/or  keywords. Search results display member business data with a link to the member’s optional bonus page. Members with a bonus page are able to give site visitors details about their business including an image and printable coupon.

Rotary Club members can purchase a directory listing and bonus page.


Back End

Members can manage their directory listing, keywords that describe their service or business, change their password, upgrade from a basic to a bonus account and renew their listing.

Site administrator can manage junior administrators, member data, member permissions and site email text.



Project Description: 8e6.com is one of the leaders in content filtering software with servers all around the world. Their products are utilized by many school districts. Responsible for creating the following:

  • Order processing programs
  • Program to assign customer to the server with the fastest response time
  • Live credit card processing program
  • Reseller management system
  • Server update program
  • GUI to manage database of IP addresses
  • GUI to allow users to select their desired server
  • Utility to check filtering software against undesired words
  • Utility to compare filtering software to competitor’s filtering software


Project Description: TheBoatersWave.com is a business listing site associated with boating and fishing.

Site visitors can pay to have their business listed on the site.

Listings are displayed via vertical javascript scroll on the home page.

Searches can be performed by category, zip and radius.

For this site we implemented pre-built software packages with custom programming. Anglers and boaters can upload their pictures to the monthly best picture contest. All submissions can be viewed.

Administrator can add, edit, delete, list, approve and deny all business listings.

Admin selects monthly contest winners and controls which pictures are displayed on the home page.



Project Description: Honor society membership management system.

Site visitors can register for membership and pay required dues.

Members can view university chapters list and article archives. Articles can be searched by keyword or tag. Members can view and download articles.

Administrator can add, edit and delete chapters. Articles can be added in administrative area or uploaded in pdf or doc format. Sponsor management with add, edit, delete capabilities of sponsor logos. Registration fee can be edited. Ability to add, edit, delete, view, list, activate and suspend members.



Project Description: This site is a truck salvage auction site created for the insurance industry.

Front End

  • Buyer and seller registration processes
  • Live credit card processing via QuickBooks merchant services
  • Auction data posting with picture upload – pictures automatically formatted with ImageMagick
  • Search and browse selection functions
  • Bid placement with high bid notification
  • Closed auctions listing displaying winning bid
  • Automatic auction closings with bid results e-mailed to admin, buyer, seller and insurance adjuster
  • Buyer’s center to allow bidding, accept auction fees, view and/or e-mail award documentation, manage billing data, change password and view auction history
  • Seller’s center to allow posting of salvage to auction, view auction closing results, manage billing data and change password
  • Auction award center for insurance companies and/or adjuster to award salvage which would generate HTML e-mail notifications to all parties
  • Detailed visitor tracking – every system accessed is logged in database

Back End

  • Admin center with system summaries of auctions, visitors, referrals and auction values
  • Database GUI for entry of insurance company data including branches, accounts payable department and adjusters
  • Buyer and seller status management (i.e. Pending, Active, Suspended)
  • Bid edit and tracking
  • Picture upload and manipulation with ImageMagick
  • Auction status view and management (i.e. Pending, Active, Expired, Cancelled, Suspended)
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Billing functions to create and track invoices and credits
  • Customer data, billing and credits downloaded to QuickBooks via QuickBooks web connector. Download starts automatically when QuickBooks is opened in customers’ office.